Proheat Portable 2 Burner Stove

Discover the Ultimate in Camp Cooking

The Proheat Portable 2 Burner Stove at Watto’s Adventure HQ

Watto’s Adventure HQ is thrilled to introduce the all-new Proheat Portable 2 Burner Stove with Flame Safety Device (FSD), setting a new standard for outdoor cooking convenience and safety. Designed to be the first of its kind on the market, this stove is the perfect addition to any campsite, caravan or camper. Let’s check out the features and benefits that make the Proheat Portable 2 Burner Stove an essential gear for your next adventure.

Unmatched Safety and Convenience

Flame Safety Device (FSD)

Safety is paramount when dealing with gas appliances, and the Proheat Portable Stove excels with its built-in Flame Safety Device (FSD). This feature ensures that the stove can be connected legally and safely to a bayonet outlet on a caravan or camper. The FSD is designed to prevent dangerous situations by stopping the unintentional release of gas, giving you peace of mind while you cook.

Complete Gas Connection Assembly

To enhance safety, the stove is equipped with a gas hose and regulator that are compatible with the latest LCC27 valve connections on gas cylinders. This setup provides a secure and convenient gas connection, making it easier for you to get cooking quickly and safely.

Versatile Cooking Capabilities

Dual Burner Flexibility

With two burners, the Proheat Portable Stove offers fantastic cooking flexibility, allowing you to prepare multiple dishes. Whether you’re boiling water for coffee while frying up breakfast or simmering a stew alongside grilled vegetables, this stove has you covered.

Low-Pressure Operation

The stove operates on a low-pressure system, which allows the heat output to be managed effectively. This control enables the perfect cooking temperature for different types of food, ensuring your meals are cooked to perfection.

Thoughtful Design Features

Dual Ignition System

Starting a fire in the great outdoors can be challenging, but not with the Proheat Portable Stove. It features a dual ignition system, offering both piezo and battery ignition options for reliable and easy lighting in any conditions.

Heavy-Duty Trivet and Wide Profile

Durability and stability are key when cooking outdoors. The stove’s heavy-duty trivet provides a stable surface for your pots and pans, while the wide profile offers ample cooking space. This design accommodates larger cookware, making it easier to prepare meals for family and friends.

Bayonet Connection Ready

Setting up your camp kitchen has never been easier. The stove is bayonet connection ready, designed for straightforward integration with your caravan or camper. While the bayonet connection hose is sold separately, Watto’s Adventure HQ offers the Companion 1200mm and 2000mm Bayonet – 3/8″ SAEF Braided Gas Hoses to complete your setup.


The Proheat Portable 2 Burner Stove with Flame Safety Device is a game-changer for outdoor cooking, offering unparalleled safety, convenience, and versatility. Available now at Watto’s Adventure HQ, this stove is a must-have for any serious camper looking to enhance their outdoor culinary experience.